Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Got a ring on it!

Christina Ricci just got engaged to actor Owen Benjamin. One might ask oneself, who is this Owen Benjamin? I know I did. I read that he's best known as Marvin in The House Bunny. Alli and I saw that and I could not for the life of me recall a Marvin, so I investigated further, of course. Marvin is her buddy at The Playboy Mansion. The one who gives her the note saying she's dunzo. The one who tells her she's 59 in Bunny Years. And according to IMDB he plays Owen in some TV show called Gaytown on something called C-SPOT.

Frankly I had forgotten that she and Adam Goldberg aren't together anymore. I saw them in a Chinese restaurant in L.A. once. But that was awhile ago I suppose. Chinese food is a fickle medium.

Oh, and also, she's tiny and he's apparently massive.


Alli said...

I just watched sleepy hollow again and my love for her was reawakened but that picture of them looks ridiculous.

Alison said...

You seen Penelope yet? So good.