Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notes between friends

I know what you're thinking. Batgirl, Eyeshadow, you two are the only people who know what you're talking about but it's our blog so take it. Or just watch Lost because it rules my life (and my impending suicide).

So, I'll admit that it's nice to have Sawyer in the lead now because it would be repetitive otherwise BUT if Jack hadn't have been the leader in early island times they would've been effed. Imagine early Sawyer trying to lead all the crazies. They'd've been polar bear dinner for sure. (Did you notice Sawyer's teeth last night? they seemed whiter or straighter or just different). I think they made Jack a little whiney because he's sort of been dealt a weird hand throughout life and has always been responsible for other people. ( I think I'd whine too actually if I'd left my cushy doctor job to be a janitor on a shitty island that you almost died trying to leave) Also, if Jack hadn't lead we wouldn't have the phrase, "Live Together, Die Alone". I think Sawyer needed this time to be mature enough to step up and lead. Plus who can lie better than Sawyer? The most essential thing to dealing with Dharma is lie lie lie.

I do have a feeling that Kate and Sawyer will end up together though I'm still not sure what this whole living in the 70's will mean once they hit the 2000's but lets not start even start that discussion.

I can't wait for the Big Benn/Little Ben showdown. I really think that he's gonna end up being good at the end or redeem himself. It would be the ultimate bitch slap.

So now where was I? Oh yeah, either Jack or Sawyer can bite me because they are both hot and I wouldn't kick either outta bed.

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