Friday, March 27, 2009

NALOPKT, but now you do!

Now, maybe it's just my Catholic school upbringing, or maybe I'm just a Prudey McPruderson, but have you all heard of this new thing going around the teenagers called Sexting? I guess it's like cyber sex via text. And since it's texting there's apparently acronyms for everything. Here's a list of the top 50 every parent should know. I assume I don't need to know them, as the chances of That Girl telling me GYPO* or The Eyeshadow informing me that "IAYM**" are fairly low. At least, I hope they are or I am OOTB (I just made that up! It stands for Out Of This Blog!). My personal fav is POS--cause if someone sexts you that, you don't know if they're saying they can't talk now because there's a Parent Over Shoulder or that they won't talk period since you, my sexting friend, are a Piece Of Shiz. STBY!***

*Get your pants off.
**I am your master.
***Sucks to be you. (I made that one up too!)


Alli said...

I totally am YM! Hello paris and doyle totally sext on Gilmore and Rory and Logan try it.

Kate said...

They do? I vaguely remember the paris part but Rory and Logan? Wha??

Alli said...

Paris tells her she should try it and Rory reluctantly chooses an excerpt from Henry Miller's Sexus and then wigs out cause she didn't see Logan's reply til the next day when she's on the phone with Logan. Then it's implied after they hang out that they sext. I'm sure it was very classy.