Thursday, March 19, 2009

La Fleur vs. La Weed

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, gee, Alison, it's cool to know your thoughts on things like The City and The Hills ("I wasn't thinking that, actually!" -this one over here) but you've been awfully mum on Lost lately! Let me help you out here. If Alli wants to disagree with what I'm about to say, so be it.

I wasn't digging last night as much for one reason: Jack. Jack is a babycrier. Sawyer is awesome. Sawyer has clearly blossomed in his time in the Dharma--and then along comes Jack to ruin his progress! Along comes Jack to whine about oh, what are we going to do now, we're stuck in the 70's! Look, man, you landed in the middle of a bad sitch and Sawyer saved your asses. Now you're going to go around provoking him with your "What's the plan?" madness and he's going to start acting cranky. Then Kate's probably going to try and steal him from Juliet! Then Little Ben is going to run into Big Ben (the asshole, not the London monument) and it's going to cause some space time contium badness like Doc Brown was talking about in Back to the Future!...wait, where was I? Oh, yes. Jack can bite me. That's where I was.

Your move, Alli.

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Kate said...

poor, lonely that girl. If only Marlo Thomas was around to talk about TV with me...