Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who is Thierry Mugler kidding?

Lately the only gossip I have had time for is the Us Mag website and the Dish- I don't get as much as the speculative stuff, but it is nice and condensed for me. 

So, I go to Us' site today lookin for some news and was intrigued by the headline: Beyonce's Rep: Dress Made Her Look Curvy.  Not shocking because she is a curvy lady- it's part of her charm. So, click on the link and see B in this fug dress that was apparently designed by Thierry Mugler for Jerry Hall. It is clearly designed to accentuate the hips and it is ridiculous for people to get all twittery about B gaining weight, apparently ALL in her hips cuz those things aren't proportional. So ok- people are so hyper critical about any weight changes and reps always have to respond.  

But here is the kicker when Thierry Mugler tries to convince us of the most far-fetched thing ever- the waist on the dress WAS 23 inches but Thierry had to DECREASE that to 19 INCHES for Beyonce. No. Sorry dude- you make some great perfume, but you are delusional.  There is absolutely no way that Beyonce has a 19 inch waist, unless she has an amazing series of intricate corsets and other waist cinching miracles.  Am I right? 

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Alli said...

19 inch waist my ass! Even dita von teese and posh would be bigger than 19 inches