Thursday, March 19, 2009

You say 77, I say 85--eh!

OK, so, Mick was telling me yesterday that Jason Earles, who plays Jackson on Hannah Montana, is actually 31 years old despite the fact that he plays, like, a 17 year old. Sure, I mean, it's been done, on My So-Called Life Claire Danes was the only one who was actually teenaged. But this dude does not look 31, am I right? (See picture I have posted here to help you out with this.)

Anyway I was looking him up on IMDB who lists his birthdate as April 26, 1977. Then I was looking at Wikipedia--and apparently, according to his resume, Jason was born in...1985.

So, if I list false information on my resume, will Disney hire me? Cause I got a fake resume that says I'm a card-carrying supermodel. AND people say I look young for my age!


Kate said...

The thing that concerns me the most is that Mick was clearly doing Hannah Montana research.

Alison said...

"I saw the ads for Hannah Montana the movie, and I didn't see him in the commercial and wanted to see if he was going to be in the feature film so I looked him up! I get bored!" -rebuttal from Mick.

"No way in hell I'm going to the Hannah Montana movie." -response from me.

Kate said...