Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Really? REALLY?!

I just watched Ciara's new video for Love, Sex, and Magic with Justin Timberlake. Now, I really like the song but the video left a bad taste in my mouth. It's very sexy (hello licking Justin's ear!) but I was wondering why Ciara had to be the sexed up one. I know in a lot of male videos the female is the epitome of sex and sexiness but I always brush that off as a male fantasy, but to have Ciara dressed up as a stripper throughout the whole video for her own song seems distasteful. Since when does love, sex, and magic equal females writhing around for a (hot) man? Justin is great but he just sits there drinking in the beautiful woman then pantomimes slapping her behind. Gross. But it is a fun song.


Kate said...

Just watched it- feeling like I should have presented my ID before viewing.

Couple questions-
- Didn't Justin have an album, or a tour or a cologne named Love Sex Magic?
- Do you think Ciara was really doing all those crazy yoga-y gymnast-y moves herself?
- Did I see En Vogue in there as her backup dancers?
- How do I get rid of this icky feeling from watching that?

melting hearts under the midnight sun said...

Love the song. I wonder if she took classes to dance like that? Did anyone else think Ciara was trying to emulate Beyonce with the sunglasses and the leotard? At least we know that if Ciara's music career dries up, she'll be able to earn her keep at The Northern.