Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh Kardashians! How I have missed you...

I am sure everyone is relieved that the sisters Kardashian are back on TV. I know I am. Thanks Ryan Seacrest.  What would I watch if you weren't here?

The season opener starts with Khloe (my fave Kardash) going to jail.  I love how nonchalant she is about it all- Kris (the mom) freaks out and laments on the affect this jail trip has on her apparently forgetting she isn't the one going to jail.  The girls all got up early and Khloe's best friend curled her hair- she is going in for 30 days so I don't think it will hold up, but that's OK.  All the K ladies get dressed up and get in the SUV to take Khloe to jail- in the car on the way Kim is taking pictures of herself.  Kris asks Khloe if she wants to go to IHOP if they get to jail too early.  Classic.  As we recall,  she only served a few hours.  The fam picks her up again and immediately go out- to drink.  They were just going out for lunch but Kris orders shots for the whole table.  But don't worry- Khloe didn't drink.  But the others got toasted.  

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Alison said...

Man, if I had to spend 3 hours in jail a round of IHOP chocolate chocolate chip pancakes would hit the spot.