Friday, December 5, 2008

A day off leads to multiple posts

I will be the first to admit that I can have a very simple sense of humor. I will laugh and laugh at things from the couch as Mick sits in a chair and gives me his best "Where did it all go wrong with you?" look. That having been said, I love David Letterman. I used to watch every night when Jawa and I lived at the lake cabin, and last year when I had to go bed early for work I would listen to it on the radio (it never came in reception wise on my tiny TV). I watched it last night after having not seen it forever, and learned the fun fact that back in the day, Jesus Christ used to rock a bracelet that said "What would I do?"

Now, back to the beginning of the post and my simple sense of humor--my absolute favorite part of the show back in the day, and I haven't seen them do this for awhile, was a segment called "Will it float?" The premise is simple, yet genius: Dave says, "And now it's time to play Will it float?" and then Paul and the guys plays the theme song. Dave asks the announcer Alan what the item of the night is, and Alan responds. Dave usually asks some questions, like what is the item packaged in? then asks what they're playing for, and Alan responds with some sort of sweet prize which of course no one actually wins. Then Dave and Paul discuss if they think it will float, and the curtain is pulled back to reveal a large tank of water, the 2 Will it float? girls bedecking it, Hula Girl, and Grinder Girl. Then they would put the item in the water, we would wait to see what happens, and the results would flash on the screen. How can this not be completely awesome? Thanks to the magic of YouTube I was able to revisit some of these feats of wonder. If you, too, find joy in the simple and scientific, watch the following to answer the burning question as related to coal and a glass brick--Will they float?

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