Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Mexican Wedding- The DVR Edition

Per usual, I am late on the TV watching. Just saw Speidi's Secret Mexican Wedding. I know it is really not the point, but I am confused and distracted by the logistics of the wedding. Here is a short list of the things that bothered me:
- Heidi walks up to Spencer on the patio with 4 inch heels, a tiny bikini, champagne and meticulously curled, tousled, styled hair. How did she find time to bring her hair guy down when it was made so clear that the trip was a surprise??
- They are drinking Patron and Spencer convinces Heidi to get married- it is nighttime and dark out. They stumble out of the bar on their way to get married (does this resort have a 24-hour chapel?).
- Cut to the next morning when they are in bed and insinuating that they got married the night before. But they show the footage of their daytime wedding. Did I miss something?
- Again Heidi has the perfect FHM photo spread hair. Come on- Lauren's hair usually looks like something she could have quickly pulled together herself. They are NOT helping the "reality" aspect of the show. I would believe that everything was real if Spencer and Heidi were not on the show.

So- I was annoyed. And did Spencer really think it would fly to not tell anyone they are married? Has he met Heidi?

Side note- saddest part of the show was seeing the little glimmer of the pre-brainwashed Heidi when they were drinking before the whole secret wedding suggestion. She was silly, smiling, having fun and not being dramatic. It was awesome to see that- and then it slipped away so quickly. Sorry Whit- I'm gonna miss you, but you will only be gone for a week. But I haven't seen the old Heidi in over a year.

Wow. Did I really just write a paragraph on missing the "old Heidi"? Yes. Yes I did.

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