Monday, December 22, 2008

Have you been working out a lot?

'Twas the Hills finale tonight and I'd originally planned not to blog as I feel I've been quite repetitive with my thoughts about the kids but I just couldn't keep my feelings to myself.

It was the night of redemption it seemed. JB, Spencer, and Heidi all had very nice moments on the show where I didn't feel like I wanted to punch them in the face.

I'll start with JB and 'dude'. Oh, it's Audrina? Weird cause all I ever hear Justin call her is dude until tonight, when we got one 'Audrina' from him. The happy couple took off to have a romantic weekend. I could not help laughing at JB shirtless in overalls on that motorcycle. So ridiculous. Anyway, he was very sweet in their little ring moment and it seems like maybe he's not just the king of ridiculous one liners after all.

Now Heidi. Was I the only one who shuddered when Lauren hugged her? I just feel like she's such a tool but I actually really appreciated her teary moment cause I felt like she was a human for a second. Also, when she asked Lauren if she'd been working out it was hilarious and again felt like a real conversation between friends and not a scripted dramatic moment.

Now surprisingly, Spencer also had a human resemblance tonight as well. The big cliff-hanger (which I myself could care less about) was that big S decided to let Heidi get married with her mom there. Now once again, I feel like a lot of their story line on the show is scripted to add drama but his little speech at the end was nice and his face looked truthful so that's that.

Now there wasn't much of Lauren tonight (which isn't a huge surprise) but she looked awesome at the party and really showed how stand up she is when she gave Heidi the (horrifying) hug.

And in minor redemption news: The aftershow was also not as irritating as usual (I totally missed the Justin interview so I'll be you tubing that later). Glad to hear that there's a new season of Hills coming our way eventually and really am excited for the season premiere of The City.


Alison said...

I'll tell you what impressed me: the fact that Justin and Audrina rode his bike from L.A. to Palm Springs. Traci and I drove there in a car and that is quite an excursion.

Kate said...

I saw the JB interview- just imagine JB pumping his Johnny Depp impression to the next level. I totally laughed at the point where he said that the girls have generally been supportive of his relationship with dude. Right.

In general- loved the finale. I felt like it was a little more real, like the first season, and I cried. At the Hills. I am pretty embarrased but hey- I'm not going to hide it. Did you see the aftershow where Heidi said she and Lauren have been talking and the crowd wooed and then it seemed like Heidi got the ol cut it out gesture? I think Mandi and Andy or whoever host that show were specfically told not to talk about that.

At this point I should just write my own post, huh?

Alli said...

I actually got a little teary myself. I did not see the gesture and I do not appreciate that they would still be talking.