Thursday, December 18, 2008

Your creepy differs from mine

A DJ on The Current was talking about how you shouldn't watch this video because it's creepy and after she played the song she said her friend sent her an e-mail saying the video got 100 hits based off what she said; sadly I was in the car driving at the time and was not one of the 100. So I had to wait until now and while it's creepy it's creepy in an artistic way and I liked it. And I actually really enjoy the song too. I do love a good music video, and I never get the chance to see them anymore, I suppose because no one plays them. One day I will give The Current money. They've introduced me to some good stuff. And on a side note I don't like the new Killers CD which is so disappointing because the first one was really good and the second one was really awesome...Sigh.

Anyway, without further ado, Ladytron.

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Andrew said...

Kind of made me think of Suicide Girls photos before they're naked. I mean I heard about Suicide Girls... from a friend... because I no way have ever been to that site. *ahem*