Monday, December 29, 2008

Flashing Lights

Part 1:

I'm blogging as I watch 'The City' and so far it's alright. I laughed so hard when they show Whitney walking up to DVF and the random dude patted his friend on the back when she walked by. I have to admit that when I first heard that the spin-off would be about Whitney, I wondered if she could carry a show, but all the press leading up to it has made me pretty ok with it. I like that they chose someone similar to Lauren in terms of normalcy.

I'm actually very jealous of Whitney. What more could you ask for at her age than an awesome job, an awesome city, and a very aussie-omely (nice right?) hot boy. Jay got a tish less hot when he said, "I just do whatever I want." Not such an attractive quality. I watched My So Called Life and I know how that story pans out.

I'm wondering what Olivia's deal is. I was confused by the fact that she's a "socialite" but has a job. I thought the point of being a socialite was that you partied with other people's money and don't work...I can already smell a worthless friendship brewing but this one may lead to more contacts than a certain other worthless friend.

Part 2:

Ok the second half hour so far is all about if Jay is playing Whitney. At first I thought we had another JB on our hands, but really they haven't known one another very long and it's not really that big of a deal to date more than one person, as long as that other person is the other's best pal.

I totally don't blame Alex for trying to get into Whit's ear. If I lost a totally hot girl like her, I'd also go down swinging. Isn't it weird that he put a mike on for all his gossiping and also for the argument with Jay? I'm glad Kelly Cutrone will be on occasionally to give advice to Whitney and also to pass judgement on the people on the show.

Final thoughts: I love Whitney and her current roommate (her name escapes me)and that's pretty much it. It seems like she's left the city of teen stars for the city of twenty-somethings who are very worried about their labels (according to where they live). I'm excited to see how this pans out BUT I can't wait for the next season of Hills. I hate strangers.

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Kate said...

That is odd- we were live blogging at the SAME TIME. LIVE.

I started doing research on Olivia last night- apparently she is a socialite but people were speculating (I think it was back in 2007) that her dad was going broke. There are lots of blogs just for Manhattan socialites and it seems one of the most popular (park avenue peerage) is made by a teenage boy from Illinois. I don't get this world at all, but if a boy from IL can, ther is hope for me.

With the vast amount of time spent on those sites talking about Tinsley Mortimer, I wouldn't be suprised if she showed up at some point. And yes, her real name is Tinsley Mortimer.

I smell a new post dedicated to socialite blogs coming...