Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh nothing, just my first cell phone

"I'm just ready to go to the city"
Nice plug Whitney...if ever we were to wonder if the show was scripted it would've been in that line. I can't say that I wouldn't say a scripted line or two if a hot Australian and a new fabulous job was waiting for me in a great city. This week was pretty tame,and you could really feel the winding down of the season. There was a weird scene with Audrina where we find out (surpise surprise) that she still wants to be with JB. And a weird scene where Spencer was being "protective" over his sister (read: verbal punching bag).
I enjoyed seeing a ton more of Lauren tonight though. Is it totally lame that I was a little sad about Laurens parents moving out of that gorgeous house we saw them build in season one of Laguna? Sometimes growing up sucks...alright most of the time.

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