Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second funniest Hills episode of the season

What is this magical power JustinBobby has over me? One minute I'm watching the show thinking, overalls? Seriously, Justin. Wannabe bikers don't rock denim overalls. And then he turns around and makes me laugh when his response to Steph's worry over Heidi and Spencer taking off with no visible trace of their whereabouts is, "Maybe you should put up some signs." His one line that episode--so classically timed. Punctuated perfectly by the sheer confusion on her face after he said it (you can almost hear the thought, "Hmm...like reward for lost dogs sign?" clunking around in her head).

If only she knew her brother was off inventing the phrase Secret Mexican Wedding. What woman doesn't love her proposal featuring the phrase Secret Mexican Wedding? Why bother with a chapel, what you really need is a Secret Mexican Clubhouse. Maybe you get married in a Secret Mexican Language...no, no, not Spanish. You know I don't speak Spanish, Baxter!

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