Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't be a Bromophobe

Blame it on "a case of the Mondays" but I just watched the majority of Brody Jenner's Bromance. I was immediately calmed by the fact that Frankie was still there- I know you were as worried about his status in the bro-clique as I was when I heard Brody was on the hunt for a new bro.

So- a few quick notes on the new brow (that rhymes with show but starts with a bro).

There was a gay guy who was clearly on the show to soak in the lingering aroma of Lauren Conrad that apparently still clings to Brody. His name was michael and he was really upset when he found out he was NOT on an episode of the Hills- and he made it very clear that this was his issue. At his exit he put in the final plug, with double fingers crossed, for Brody and Lauren to get back together. He also threw in that he didn't want to sit around "talking all day about having sex with girls." After he left all the boys jumped into the hot tub together for a straightforward elimination (hey guys- Brody doesn't pussyfoot around). Too bad the gay guy couldn't have stuck it out for a few more hours!!

As we could have anticipated, here is the initial list of the variations of Bromance that have been thrown around:

I am sure the list will only grow.

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