Friday, April 3, 2009

Give this woman a break!

I was checking out US mag's website and I saw that Jaime Oliver welcomed another baby. Normally I wouldn't click on this, but her name is Petal Blossom Rainbow and I had to check that out. The article was normal- born at this time, sister to Honey and Poppy, but the picture that went with it! It looks like Jools Oliver had the baby at 3 this morning and there is already a pic of Jools, Jaime and Petal Blossom smiling goofily outside the hospital. Can this woman not have a minute to herself after giving birth to another little flower baby? She clearly had her hair and makeup done before she went out too. And I don't know too much about havin babies and the like, but is it normal to still look this pregnant? My theory was they were having twins and Jaime made them run out quick with the first one before the second one came.

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Traci said...

That's disturbing. I would think that jeans would be a bit...uncomfortable...a few hours after childbirth. (But the tummy is totally normal BTW.)