Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's do the time warp again

MSN TV created this list of their 100 fav Lost moments in honor of the 100th episode this week. It's a pretty good list, though there are a couple I couldn't quite remember. And they left off a few, such as the recent episode where Hurley rewrites The Empire Strikes Back and compares Miles refusing to get to know his douche bag dad to Luke and Vader. And when Rose informs Jack if he says live together, die alone again she's going to kill him. And when we finally find out that Des and Penny named the baby Charlie. And when Sawyer doesn't want Hurley to go with Locke to find The Cabin and tells Locke if he harms one curly hair on his head he'll kill him (I like it when people threaten people apparently). And of course, when they're back on the plane that they know is going to crash yet again and Jack asks Ben how he be reading and Ben calmly replies, "My mother taught me how." Oh, Ben! You are a goofy one sometimes! Oh, and then when Sun informs her dad she bought out control of his company, and when we finally see Jin is alive only to be in a time warp with young Russo, and when Sayid is back off the island and has Pantene perfect hair and goes from being an assassin for Ben to working for Habitat for Humanity...OK, OK. I'm done.

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