Friday, April 10, 2009

No Diddy didn't!...and, that's the problem!

I sat through Making the Band 4 today, led to believe by shady previews that there would be answers given about the fate of DK. And were there? Ohhh nooo! I sat through those goofy Day 26 boys' drama only to be left with a DK cliffhanger. Well played, Diddy. Well played. Dude is devious. I mean I don't know him or anything but even I felt a chill when I heard about the text where he was coming for a band meeting. I have to say I did enjoy the jab at Aubrey when he asked the boys if they wanted to end up posing for Playgirl.

Now I have to wait for the frickin 2 part season finale.
Can I just get the Cliffnotes?

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