Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The triumpant return of Sleazy T

I admit I've been a little Hillscentric in the posts lately (rest assured I still worry about Lindsay, who is looking horrendously thin), but I can't let the last episode go by with nary a comment. I spend a lot of time wishing the swine flu on good old Spence, but I have to admit--he was the clear star of this week's outing. Even Mick was able to pay attention for a whole episode. I spent a good amount of time, when not laughing my ass off, debating if he was actually completely baffled to the concept of virginity ("Can you have sex in heaven?" was right up there with "So, if there's an earthquake tonight, you'll both die virgins?" and of course his theory that the Bible is actually encouraging us all to go at it in the bedroom, just as long as we get down on clean sheets) or if he was just mocking them the entire time. Maybe it was a combo of the two, although his final exchange of the episode with Heidi would lead one to believe it was the latter. Either way, very well played, sir.

Bonus points to the film editors of the show for treating us to the inspired moment when Colby's lady friend marveled for a good minute or so how completely different Heidi looks from her old pictures! while Heidi attempted to form an expression on her surgery-frozen face. Sadly, all that she could come up with facial experession-wise was to say "Who wants a drink?" Um, not the Bible thumpers, Permapout!

In conclusion, who else yelled "SLEAZY T!" and raised their hands in the air when he made his second appearance? Forget Kristin taking over--this guy is clearly ready to be a breakout star. Give me some more Sleazy T, Lo, Brent Bolthouse, and Kelly Cutrone and I'm ready to roll.

Oh yeah, and Audrina and Brody are equal parts predictable, stupid, boring, and skanky.

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Kate said...

Brett and I were both excited about Sleazy T. But I don't remember him on there before. And Doug? Was he actually friends with them or does Brody just pick up the cast offs?

Sometimes when I watch the show I try to create a family tree in my head of how everyone is connected- and linked to everyone else in hwood. it can give a girl a headache.

Did you know that Kristen Caviar introduced Heidi and Fleshbeard? Just another reason she is on my list.