Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, guess who's going to be on Ellen this Thursday?
That's right, people! Lindsay Lohan!
According to Ellen's show site: "LINDSAY LOHAN: I’m really looking forward to this interview. She had a very public breakup with Samantha Ronson and appeared on the cover of US Magazine with the headline, “I Am So Alone.” I want to make sure that Lindsay’s okay, and to let her know that she’s got a lot of support." Thumbs up to Ellen! (Oh, Prince is also going to be on.)

FURTHERMORE Lindsay has apparently shown interest in joining up with Mel B. in "Peepshow", a new Vegas show thing. Now I'm always one to be vocal about my complete disgust with Las Vegas, but a former Spice Girl and LiLo in something hopefully like my beloved Showgirls? Sign me up!
Ellen and Portia can come too!

OK, so, appear on Ellen, check. Break up with Samantha Ronson, check. New project, hopeful check. You know what? My work here is almost done. It's a 3 point plan, people!

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