Friday, April 17, 2009

Twittering Twit

Speaking of Twitter, Ashton Kutcher and CNN had a Twitter-off to get followers with the winner donating 10,000 mosquito bed nets and the loser donating 1,000 for No More World Malaria Day, which Ashton of course won because, you know, he's cooler than CNN. But either way it was all good because they were doing something worthwhile.

So, of course, not to be outdone, our old buddy Spencer Pratt has decided to in turn challenge Ashton: "From the moment Ashton accepts my challenge, assuming he's man enough to do so, whoever adds the most new followers in 30 days wins." If Ashton wins? Well, then, Spencer and Heidi will...clean he and Demi's whole house! And if SPENCER wins (which, let's see, he wouldn't, at the time of his challenge Ashton had over a million Twitter followers and Spence had almost 200,000, though he "believes in his Twitter family"), Ashton and Demi have to clean Spencer's whole, um, car. Just in time for, what, Clean Your Whole House/Car World Day? What a humanitarian!

Speaking of which, I challenge Spencer. If I can make more posts about you on our blog then you can make about me over the next 30 hours, then the winner is you're a huge douche bag! Everybody wins!

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Kate said...

I. Love. It. I think you're winning.