Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pretty in pink

This dress is pretty cute (belt not included, I mean the belt is ok but it's not included with the dress) but dilemma, dilemma, it's I Heart Ronson for JC Penny. I'm pretty sure I have to boycott the Ronson fam now out of respect for La Lohan. Kate pointed out that I do have a Mark Ronson CD; she then pointed out that she burned it from me which counts as stickin' it to 'em.

Eh, it probably wouldn't fit me anyway. And it's $60. Though it has to go on sale eventually...That would sort of be stickin' it to them still, right? Not getting their full money's worth?

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Kate said...

JC Penney's is forever having sales on their dresses. and surprisingly, they have a lot of cute dresses. if you ever want to go check it out, I'm in.

Then we can do something destructive to the Ronsons to even it out. We could start some sort of in-breeding rumor. or something.