Saturday, April 4, 2009

" I have a big lesbian crush on you"

On the cover of my just arrived Marie Claire is Rachel McAdams and I could not be happier. She is one of the celebrities that, for me, feels like she could be my best friend (she'd obviously toss off her ex boyfriends to me). I enjoy her and really enjoy her movies. So, while I was doing my preliminary scan through the mag, I was surprised that they didn't go with the normal celeb interview routine. Instead, they had her choose a book for the monthly Marie Claire book club and used that as the article.

Genius! I wish they did that more often because seriously how many recycled questions can you ask these people? How was the breakup? What is your take on fashion? Body issues? Why are you so cool even though you're a totally normal person? I'm not sure if the book is any good (though my bestie would obviously have great taste in books) or if I'll even read it, but I applaud Marie Claire for trying something new. We can always use more celebrations of books in this country and Oprah can't do it by herself.


Kate said...

I am jealous. On the cover of my just arrived Glamour- Miley Cyrus. puke. I had to decide a few years ago between subscribing to Marie Claire or Glamour and hadn't questioned my decision until now- did I make the wrong choice?

Alli said...

I also subscribe to Glamour and when I got mine I wondered (and texted) what exactly Miley Cyrus could tell me. The rest of the mag is good though I thought. I actually subscribed to both magazines through amazon for $20. I love amazon.

Traci said...

Prodigal Summer is lovely. Not as lovely as The Poisonwood Bible, but still a very nice read and one that I would recommend. It makes me less afraid of the coyotes that are living in the grove behind our apartment.