Monday, April 6, 2009

No, YOU pour some sugar on you!

So I was totally psyched to watch The Hills on TV now that we have DVR and I always work on stupid Monday nights. First off. Is it just me or does Stephanie look like she's getting younger? Is she having work done now? I'm thinking maybe it's her lips. Maybe she and Heidi have the same implanter. And what was with Heidi's gigantic snake print bag? A toddler could fit in there!

I noticed there's a new opening sequence and sighed for the absence of Whitney. I think I assumed they would throw Lo or Stephanie in there to even it out. And then there were 3...

I'm hoping they illuminate us more as to what happened with Justin. Dude gave her a ring then started acting like a tool again? Shocker. Speaking of tools where did Spencer's friend Charlie come from? I mean besides from the sex industry, dude is rocking a total porn 'stache. It went well with Spencer's shiny shiny face. I think I saw the bartender's reflection in it. She's a bright one, too, making that awesome observation that Mexico is a different country. Wha? When did that happen? Here I was just assuming it was an off-shoot of Texas. Thanks, Stacey! And as for Spencer's fighting techniques...hitting people in the ear? Not cool, dawg.

In conclusion I totally started tearing up when Heidi and Lauren were crying...and the stupid DVR cut off during it! What happens?! What will happen this season? It's 12:30 now and the rerun is on again at 1...dare I stay up and wait for the end? Wait a second, I have Castle on DVR, I can kill time watching that! OK. So it all works out in the end! You're relieved, right? I know you were worried. Where's the food in this house?

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Alli said...

I was so happy to have it back on! I thought it was a good two episodes too. I did not however appreciate the spencer fight scene cause it looked painful.