Saturday, April 4, 2009

US Weekly should pay me- the Hills edition

I know I've said it before, but is really the place for gossip loving girls on the go.  Not that I am ever so busy that I just don't have time to read the frequent updaters (I miss Perez) but I waste so much time as it is that I find it refreshing when I go to the site to discover I have already read everything that has been posted.  

They usually get me with their headlines, and today was no different.  The one that caught my attention was "Heidi Montag on Lauren's Hills Departure- 'We Don't Need Her.'"  I thought here we go again, stirring up the dramz before the new season starts on MONDAY.  I click on it and it is actually a very nice (considering) article on how Heidi knows Lauren has wanted to leave for a while and they'll miss her, she's closing a chapter and "I'm sure she'll have fun and success."  She even draws attention to her and Spencer's penchant for attention when saying "She's gotta leave the dramas to the pros! I love The Hills and I definitely don't want to go anywhere anytime soon.  That's my home and I'm so grateful to be on it, so we'll see."  Awww.  That makes me wonder (just for a quick second) if the whole falling out was made up and they have been friends all along. Not likely.  

So I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and hopeful that the new season will start with a heartfelt reunion, but then I was brought back to reality by comments Fleshbeard made on a radio program trashing Lady Gaga.  He said if Lady Gaga was the pop princess then Heidi must be the pop queen.  Really? I will leave  you with his comments on his moneymaker- when asked to name five artists that Heidi is more talented than, he says "Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Beyonce an Christina Aguilera... I wouldn't even compare them to Heidi's level."  I'm with you Spencer, neither would I.  

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Alison said...

Wait, Lady Gaga is the pop princess?