Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Worst family reunion ever

Well, according to Audrina, people will still watch The Hills when Lauren leaves because "we're like family to our audience." If that doesn't hit the nail on the head! That's totally why I watch! Cause Heidi is like the sister I never had who gets lip implants and can't fully smile correctly now! Yeah, and Spencer is like the douche bag uncle I want to punch in the face! And, um, Audrina is like my skanky cousin, and, ah, Justin is my half-brother who no ones wants to admit we're related too. And then, let's see, Brody and Frankie are like the wacky neighbors next door that keep popping in...who am I missing? Oh, Stephanie, let's see, she's like the half-sister no one wants to admit we're--damnit, I already did that one!

No, Audrina, the truth is, many of us watch The Hills cause Lauren is like our cool imaginary BFF. And we like Lo. And the rest of you, well, you're just kinda fame whores!

Though I have to admit I'm all about the comic releif that is Steph Pratt. Her People's Revolution Interview and Ms. Cutrone's subsequent reaction are up there in my fav Hills scenes. And I also have to admit--I'm impressed she knows how to pronounce quesadilla. There are many ways to pronounce it incorrectly. I would know, I'm a waitress.


Traci said...

Now I'm nervous that I might be pronouncing quesadilla incorrectly.

KAY-sah-DEE-ah, right?

Alison said...

No, you're right. "Case-a dilla", however, not right.

Alison said...

Kwaze-a-dill-ah, also not right.

Alli said...

what's the difference between a quesadilla and a taco?

Alison said...

A burrito could kick each of their asses with both enchiladas tied behind its back.