Friday, April 10, 2009

Not picked to live in my dvd player

I am so supposed to be looking for a job right now but I thought of something that would deter me from this even further (farther?) then I am already allowing myself to deter myself which is to say, this: I began to wonder if shows that have already sucked hours from my life are readily available on DVD to suck even more hours. Specifically, ANTM and The Real World. So I consulted my good friends Amazon and Netflix and found that so far, only Cycle 1 of ANTM is out. I've seen that one a ridiculous amount of times. Actually I've seen several of them a ridiculous amount of times and thanks to cable can continue to do so. So then I started checking out The Real World and while there are infinite numers of supplementary materials (best fights! best vacations! best hookups! footage you never saw from every season!), there are so far only 2 complete seasons: the first in New York, which makes sense; and...Las Vegas. When the hell was that? Season 9 or something, right? It was skanky! Why would they do that? There are so many better seasons! So many earlier seasons! I felt like I should shower in holy water anytime I watched the Las Vegas cast! Thumbs down, MTV DVD department. Just putting that in our DVD player would probably give it veneral disease!

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