Sunday, February 1, 2009

2 out of 3 bloggers agree: I know who loves this movie!

So, Kate and I went out for breakfast and I told her all about watching I Know Who Killed Me last night and how awsomely awful it was. Then she came over after and I flipped on the tv and guess what started 5 minutes later?! It actually makes more sense the second time, all those moments the first time where you thought hey what kind of glue has everyone who made this been huffing suddenly fall into place. We did mute it during the seemingly never ending scenes when LiLo was trying to scream through her gag (yes, I know, having your hand cut off probably hurts like a bitch but your bad acting isn't going to help us through that process now, is it?). I tried to find it at Circuit City's closing blow-out but no luck. (And how is One Missed Call still $19.99? I'm holding out til they're really desperate to get rid of all stock.)

Anyway I know when to not get too much of a good thing; I was leaving the house around 6:30 to hit the gas station and Mick yelled "Oh no!" When I yelled back what's wrong? he responded, "I Know Who Killed Me is on at 7!"

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