Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey, have you guys seen the City?

It's this show with that Whitney girl from the Hills.  Unlike my timely friends here, I just watched the last 5 episodes of the City.  Apparently I have been busy since January.  So engaging in a little DVR sponsored mini-marathon I have made some insights into this show that I am sure everyone else noticed like, 5 weeks ago. 
- This show likes to highlight people with TRULY weird faces. Allie- what? She is the most alien-looking, pouty faced son of a mother I have ever seen. There was one scene where her bruisy looking eye makeup matched her lipstick perfectly. It was scary. I tried to find a picture of it but no luck.
- There was a specific slouchy casual California look that the Hills girls always sported.  And apparently the New York look is things on your head. For real- it is getting a little ridiculous. 
- Oh, hey- I don't know if you noticed but Whitney is on this show! She is so vanilla and likable and non-controversial that it makes it hard to notice her on her own show. But I still love her. 
- I admire/despise Olivia's complete lack of guilt or feelings for other living things.  I watch and think, man, if I could just have the courage to say what I want at any given time. But then after about 17 seconds I can't put up with her complete lack of concern for anyone except her cousin. And he's not even safe.
- The myriad of girls who show up here with "Whitney's friend" under their names confounds and confuses me. I need a show that I can have on while playing on my laptop. I would like it if they had just one person playing all of Whitney's friends. I am not sure if I'd even notice. Well- no, there should be Erin and then one "other" friend.  

End note- in trying to find info on this Allie character (I could only find that she was "thinspo" for anorexic girls- I have to imagine that is their version of inspiration?) I found a hills/city blog (our competition, ladies!) that listed a few interesting pieces of info that I had not heard: 
- Jason Whaler, in the dust of his engagement, is shopping around a show called Jason and the Cougars. I don't think it's a joke.
- Paris Hilton is now bringing our old friend Doug around Tokyo with her. That's good- he hadn't attached himself to a famous blonde in like, a week. Don't worry guys- the dry spell is over!

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Alli said...

Jason and the Cougars. What was Jem and the Holograms already taken? Oy with the idiocy already.