Friday, February 27, 2009

From the Hills to the hot rod

I think this is our 300th post so I thought it only appropriate to bust out some Hills action. I just got the season 2 DVDs last nite. So many memories of so many good times. Like when Heidi had a normal face pre-plastic surgery and would randomly score with a good statement (like comforting Lauren post-Jason break-up with the excellent point "You were the best thing about him"). And how Brody apparently feels the way into a woman's heart is to endlessly compliment her...and her eyes...and her smile...(Did he do that to the boys on Bromance?). And the origins of Spencer, who is a douche bag from Day 1. Like when he asks Audrina to accompany him to the Area Club where Heidi works, then tells Heidi we didn't come together, she saw us and tagged along! and Heidi's co-worker said "Sometimes girls are worse then guys." I used to believe girls were always worse--then Spencer came into my life. I also couldn't help but notice when Lauren asks why girls compare to boys to accessories after Jen Bunny and Heidi called Brody arm candy--anybody else remember on Laguna Beach when Lauren said boys were like handbags? Thank god there are parts of my brain dedicated to remembering such key details.

We also got Hot Rod which is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life, and features Sissy Spacek. I love Sissy Spacek big time--how can you not love a woman who plays a teenage girl on the run/killing spree (see Badlands), then a teenage girl with mind powers/the ultimate anti-prom movie (see Carrie), and now that she's older she does whatever the f she wants and does it well (see In the Bedroom and Blast from the Past) (I had a thing for Brendan Fraiser, ok?). The first time Mick and I watched Hot Rod I busted out the chorus to this gem from the 80's, much to his surpise.

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