Sunday, February 15, 2009

LiLo and Stich, and I am Stitch

I was discussing with Kate today my new mission: A 5 Point Comeback Plan for Lindsay Lohan. Her first question was what are the 5 points, natch. I had to admit that so far all I've come up with an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show. I mean if anybody can lift the public's spirits for this fallen star, it's Ellen. Bonus points that she's a lesbian and Lindsay is dating a woman. Which will hopefully lead to a second point in my plan, date (insert name here). She needs a more beloved woman to take her under her wing. Samantha Ronson isn't cutting it. Beyond all this, she needs someone to take a chance on her in some project (Kate suggested Quentin Tarentino as he reinvented John Travolta; I could see him giving her a campy let lovable role to reestablish herself). Above all, she must not, not, NOT particiapte in any sort of reality show on MTV or Vh1. No rehab or reinvintion type gimmicks. Lindsay, if you're reading this, I am available to you as someone to help get you back on track. And yes, it's most likely because I'm still obsessed with I Know Who Killed Me.

To recap: I have one solid point in my 5 point plan and 2 points that just need some filling out. Then 2 more points after that. None of which will include her singing career, at least not for now...unless her new girlfriend is a folk guitarist! Hmm...

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