Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks for clearing up another mystery, science!

Apparently someone actually did a study to back up the idea that men get "Bikini Brain." Yes, someone actually decided it was was worth their time, effort, and grant research money to get scientific evidence to back up the fact that when men see a woman in a bikini something gets triggered in their brain. Get out of town! Who knew?! What's next? A study to scientifically back up the other thing that happens to a man's body when he sees a scantily-clad woman? Is this going to be a new excuse for guys now? "Gee, honey, I know you asked me to pick up some milk but my bikini brain kicked in and it just slipped my mind!" Sheesh. Next thing you know someone's going to try to ban abortion...oh, wait. Nevermind!

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