Wednesday, February 18, 2009


One of my fav celeb couples are engaged! I'm not sure why but it makes me very happy when my favorite celebs find love with one another. They'd better not mess this up for me.


Kate said...

I'm sorry- my initial reaction was "ewww." I am not convinced that guy is straight and I am STILL holding out that Summer will get back with Seth. But in real life.

Alli said...

I too would love it if Rachel and Adam got back together but I love her and Hayden.I did not know you were an OC lover!

Where did this gay rumor start? I always here it but I will not accept it ever. I love him.

Kate said...

I got so into the OC for season 3 I think, so I haven't seen much before then. I keep planning to netflix the DVDs so I can see the first seasons- I have a feeling they were even better than the last seasons.

I think Perez started the gay rumor, but of course, he says he has great sources.