Sunday, February 15, 2009

Theories: buy one, get one free!

Theory #1. Couldn't help but notice Cameron Diaz pulling her second SNL cameo this year last nite on "The Cougar Den" sketch (brilliant having Alec Baldwin as a Cougay, btw). Funny, J.T. has also pulled a couple of cameos. Could Ms. Diaz be trying to micmic her ex? Send him some sort of message, maybe? Sorry, Cam. You're a cute little Cougar but Justin will trump you errtime.

(side note between theories, Mick is watching "Gangland" and they hide identities of people by morphing their voices so they sound like the devil, I do not appreicate it)

Theory #2. Observation I am most likely not the first to make: Why does large bushy beard=crazy? See: Jack on Lost, Will Ferrell after he gets fired on Anchorman, Joaquin Phoenix. in general. And I'm sure other examples that escape me. But lets just remember someone else beareded that some people throught was "crazy..."

I'm actually not sure where I'm going with this.
Oh well!

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