Sunday, February 8, 2009

Total Request Lost.

So, Ryan on the Real World Brooklyn is always pulling pranks and JD wanted to pay back the favor by spraying shaving cream in Ryan's room while he was sleeping. Ryan, however, did not appreciate this. His response? "I would love to duct tape his eyes, shut his mouth up with a sock, duct tape him to his own bed and put it somewhere outside." Devyn's response when discussing it with JD? "It's not like you shot his dog." Well-played, sir and madam. Well played.

And then we're back to our good friend Chet. Chet, whose dream was to host TRL. Chet, who took this chance of being in New York (on an MTV show, may I add) and going to Times Square--only to find out that TRL has been canceled. His response? "How am I supposed to host a show that's been canceled?!" My response? How am I supposed to take you seriously when you're wearing a baseball cap with your name on it? What does the tag inside say, if lost please return to me?

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