Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Honah Drama

I am only an hour in to my DVR edition of the Grammys but this show has already been surrounded in controversy.   Here is the list just from the first fourth of the show- imagine where it may end (well I suppose you don't really need to imagine where it may end since it's over by now- but not on the DVR! It is still a mystery!):
-U2 opens the show. It may be ignorant of me, but did they put an album out this year? The real controversy is the fact that Bono was wearing guyliner. Maybe that's why he usually wears sunglasses. 
-Whitney Houston presented an award and I am about 103% sure she was high. 
-Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus performed a song together (it was Taylor's song, natch, since she actually has musical talent) and followed it up by the most scripted exchange, where Miley referred to Taylor as "my best friend", that lead into an award for collaborations.  But really? Miley and Taylor are BFFs? Did Miley decide to start hanging out with people closer to her own age? Maybe they are chatting about their lost Joni. Or was it the SAME Jonas? Whoa. 
-Said Joni performed with Stevie Wonder. Poor Stevie.  Maybe he doesn't see it, but that was a bad move (extra points for my awesome pun- you're welcome)
-Blink 182 announced their reunion right before presenting an award to Coldplay for best rock album. They dragged poor Travis Barker onstage with his arm in a sling- by the look on his face I am pretty sure someone was holding a gun to his back as he spoke. And the 3 guys were standing as far apart as possible while still remaining in the shot- that light haired guy was extra far away. What's the deal, boys? Need the cash? 
-Chris Brown and Rihanna aren't there for reasons of which I will not speculate (ALISON) which is sad for me cuz Chris Breecy is an awesome dancer. 

As I write this I am officially 1 hour and 25 minutes in.  Query of the evening- do you think Katy Perry is as sick of singing her song as we are hearing it?

Two fave moments so far-
Kate Beckinsale quick moved to cover her daughter's ears as Craig Ferguson announced Katy Perry. 

Coldplay after winning best rock album- (I am paraphrasing here)- "obviously we're not the hardest of rock bands... more of a limestone sort of rock- a little softer but just as charming"

Ooooh! Estelle is performing with Lionel Richie!!


Kate said...

follow-up comments to my post-

EVERYtime a black person is on stage they do a close-up of Jaime Fox. Really?

Morgan Freeman is ecstatic to call Kenny Chesney a friend.

Kanye is still bitter to not have won Best New Artist- and I don't blame him.

M.I.A. is HUGE!

Alison said...

U2 has a new album coming out soon AND they are music legends, thank you very much. And I stand by everything I read (and may have personally expounded on) in that Eonline article!!

Kate said...

The personally expounded on thing is where I take issue- since, though you claimed there were innocent bystanders, I am sure it wasn't you, as I saw this afternoon. In MN. OK and WI. But NOT CA!

Kate said...

...saw YOU that is...

karL said...

dear lord, katy perrys fruit festival was baffling and the girl cannot sing. and i swear T.I. was rap-syncing during his performance with justin. and what was up with morgan freemans one glove?

Alli said...

I thought Katy perry's perf was odd too. I was shocked at how decent Miley's voice was. They did not share the same Joni. Miley's Jonas totally flubbed a line to Stevie's song which he'll probably replay for his whole life.

My favorite was Radiohead's performance.

karL said...

stevie wonder shoulda smacked that kid. what a douche. and their lead singer jonas brother needs to learn some new moves, i almost had a seizure watching him.