Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get it together, mtv internet!

"You cannot walk around the house like that when there are guys in the house. Or girls. Or people." Sarah's take on bootyshorts.
"You could've gotten a bionic penius with that!" Ryan's take on the amount of money it takes to get gender reassignment surgery.

So once again MTV.com screws me when I go to watch The City and the cite informs me that the latest episode will be available February 17. So I check the date on my computer and my suspicions are confirmed: idiots. These people are idiots. So instead I watch The Real World. The plot this week revolved around Catelynn's transgenderism and the boys acting like idiots in general. It led us to ponder things like, what's more inappropriate: Catelynn using a support beam at a local bar as a pole for dancing, or Chet batting at JD's ear with a flag that has a name of a deceased person on it at an opening ceremony for an HIV/AIDS awarness bike ride? Bonus points to Chet for failing to see the inappropriateness of his actions, which he claimed were to "lighten the mood"...all while wearing a purple hoodie, black leggings, purple boots and that damn black and purple CHET baseball cap. So, yes, Chet, once again you win the d-bag of the week award. In fact I'm going to take a cue from Ryan--you, Chet, are a bionic penius. Hey, I can be immature/inappropriate too.

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