Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ramblings on The City when I should be in bed

Did anyone else find it hilarious on The City when Erin told Allie she has thick skin? Seeing as how the point of the episode is that her skin is not, in fact, thick? Girl is hella skinny. I never noticed it until this episode. Which is convenient, I suppose, to the plot. I mean she's not Machinist skinny, and thank god because that whole thing was just f'ed. Anyway, where was I...Oh, right. Kelly Cutrone is awesome. She cracks me up. And you know, she's right, the truth is not always a happy little bluebird on your shoulder. A lot of times it's like a crazy ass crow that's going to peck your bones! And if you're a thin skinned little model it's going to hurt! Um, where was I again...Oh, yes, Olivia is also awesome. I love how she's not having any of anyone else's issues. So, in conclusion: Allie--skinny, annoying (does anyone else get the willies whenever Adam calls her "honey"?); Kelly--not a bluebird of happiness, awesome; Olivia--self-centered, awesome but not as awesome as Kelly, looks like she's going to get pissy next week. Did I get everything? Yup. Bedtime!

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