Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doc Oc

Can I ask why we as a nation care so much about a woman who survived a pregnancy of octuplets? My US magazine (I know ok) even went as far as to comment on the fact that she had a french manicure as if new moms can't care about appearances on national television. I am far more disturbed by the show '18 kids and counting'. Kids who marry before kissing their beloved and all the kids having creepy twin clothes and manners. I shudder everytime I see it.


Kate said...

she crazy.

karL said...

after seeing her interview, it changed my opinion a little about the situation. its not like she wanted 8 more babies - they planted the same amount every time she went in. and yes you have risks of multiple births but its a very small percent. but if you dont have any income you should probably think about that before having children. she will get all the support she needs from charities now that shes famous, but if she hadnt then we would probably all be paying to support her children. having 14 kids to me sounds fuckin insane, but it doesnt to everyone else. and the whole angelina jolie comparisons i think are ridiculous. so she has sent her letters supporting her charity work - A LOT of people do because she does amazing things that make a difference. allegedly having plastic surgery doesnt make you nuts either. with our obsessions with hollywood i think we would know that by now.