Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tim Gunn is the man

Warning to Laura: Our blog-pinions are about to clash.

I will be the first to apologize to Law for my Really? post re: Hugh Jackman hosting the Oscars, cause in my humble opinion dude nailed it. Actually I also feel like he really wasn't as heavily featured, I mean beyond the song and dances numbers and some jokes of course. They really did play with the format. There were less presenters (Will Smith did 4 awards) which cut back time-wise I think, thus giving them more time to devout to the actor/actress awards. That whole thing was kind of cool but I can't imagine them doing that every year, having a presenter for every nominee. Fashion wise, my favorites were Amy Adams, Marianna Coiltard, Freida Pinto, and Diane Lane. Miley Cyrus looked like she stole a dress from the Grand ole' Opry and then bedazzled it. I liked Angelina's green costume jewelery. I didn't really go for the whole white dress with long trains phenom, or any dress with a belt, and I definitely made a snarky comment everytime they flashed to Phillip Seymour Hoffman in that beanie. As for the rest...

Best presenters: Tina Fey and Steve Martin; James Franco and Seth Rogan's Pineapple Express character montage tribute to the year's films; and of course Ben Stiller's tribute to Mr. Phoenix and his beard. I'm easily amused, remember?

Worst presenters: Sophia Loren. I defer to my colleague Kate here--"Someone should tell her she died 5 years ago." And Adrien Brody looked toe-up. When the grease in your hair and beard could polish the award you're giving out, there's a problem, buddy.

My new favorite person: Danny Boyle. Danny Boyle looks like the geekyily lovable math teacher in high school who just wants you to love equations as much as he does. He's just so smiley and geniuine! And he bounced like Tigger for his kids! Anybody who has a career of memorable scenes that include a revolving-head-baby on a cieling, an eerily vacant London overrun by zombies, and the goregous shot of the Slumdog couple spotting each other in the train station is aces in my book.

Best speech moments: Clearly it was good year speech-wise for the gays. Penelope Cruz started the night off so well with her speech and then the 19 year old who won best screenplay totally trumped her. And the Japanese guy who worked Mr. Roboto into his speech--that's a guy I can party with!

Shafted: Batman. Ask Kate, I kept yelling Batman. Frankly as of late I feel like I have selective Terret's because I keep yelling the words Batman! and Cake! I had cake at work last night, oh man it was awesome. Batman and cake, that's all this girl needs! And Lost. And cheap wine. And cheap pizza...OK, I'm done.

For now.

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