Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It reminds me of the homeless photo shoot on ANTM

Oh, Olivia. Your self-righteous and smug expressions truly tell the whole story. When she mentioned the charity coat event, the first thing that crossed my mind was, I certainly hope they buy new coats to donate cause I really don't think last season's castoffs are appropriate for the homeless, who do not rocks layers as a fashion statement. I honestly had a picture in my head of a group of people huddled in an alley in faux fur and pleather and tweed. And maybe you shouldn't be giving a patented Olivia lecture on mixing work with personal life after you were the one who asked Whitney's thoughts on the whole matter in the first place. Not liking the answer you get doesn't magically erase the quesion, babe! Oh, wait, you hate being called babe. Actually I would hate being called babe if Nevan was the one doing the calling. I was highly repulsed by him using the "more cowbell!" quote as A) how would someone with so clearly a high opinion of himself lower it to watch Saturday Night Live like the rest of us, and B) I don't like d-bags using good material. Although I was also admittedly a bit confused by Jay's band, which seems to be some sort of Phish/Blues Traveler fusion with just a hint of Jimmy Buffet thrown in. In conclusion, Erin, I love ya but maybe you shouldn't be bemoaning your long distance relationship after seemingly discouraging your long distance boyfriend from moving to you. Oh, you City folk!

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