Sunday, February 1, 2009

Take these pants and shove them

All right. I watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 today and I'm about to give away the ending so if you want to watch it, don't read this. Don't read how it's the worst ending ever because you know who's not in the end of the movie? The Star, that's who! The pants go missing! Lena's twirpy little sister Effie is so bummed she was never in the Sisterhood and that Tibby got back together with her boyfriend that Effie had a crush on that she pantsnapped them to Greece, got them wet, hung them up to dry, and they flew away or some shiz like that and got lost! So then all the pantskateers go to Greece to find them, they put up signs, so far so good. And then they realize that losing the pants really brought them back it ends with them not even finding them! They all jump off a cliff into the Greek Sea or whatever the hell it is, then they sit on the cliff together and watch the damn sunset and America Ferrera does some voice over and it ends! Like all of that is supposed to make me forget that the magic traveling pants are lost! I don't care if your friendship was saved, you get off your lazy Greek vacation assses and find those magic pants! Sisterhood my ass!


Alli said...

the point was supposed to be that they had grown up and didn't need the pants. in the sotries defense it fit three books into two hours so when reading the last book you feel as though it's sad but ok that they're moving on

Alison said...

But the pants are MAGIC. They're magic traveling pants. You don't just ditch pants like that! Sheesh.