Friday, February 13, 2009

A day in the life...

Backstory: After having one margarita, one and a half beers, and most of a bottle of wine Alison and Mick watch "Anchorman" and Mick makes a snide remark towards the end comparing Ron Burgundy's disheveled state to Jack on "Lost." What follows is an actual text convo.

Alison: Will Ferrell bearded and drunk towards the end of anchorman is totally like jack bearded on lost.
Alli: Take that back! Even if there's a surprising truth to it.
Alison: Look I'm drunk. Free pass...I just had a vision of will ferrell saying I need for you to let me do the news.
Alli: And jack saying in between sobs 'milk was a bad choice'
Alison: Go fuck yourself island!
Alli: Ben henry means a whales vagina in islandian
Alison: And vincent saves them from polar bears by speaking their language. why hasn't hollywood realized our brilliance yet.
Alli: We need to post this
Alison: I'm on it! (goes for computer)
Mick: Oh no! Are you blogging again?

Meanwhile Kate is asleep like a normal person while Alison is plotting to call in with food poisioning to work in the A.M. despite the fact that 2 of her managers are on Facebook where she already posted her drunken status (text from Alli: Quick post "I left my profie open and all I got was a stupid status change from my boyfriend").

Good times, good times.


Alli said...

We are hilarious.

Kate said...

I hope this exchange makes sense to someone besides you guys. I'm not that someone.