Saturday, February 21, 2009

And now...interactive Elle with Alison!

Nothing makes for a better day off then a new issue of Elle or Vogue. The March issue of Elle was quite good, in my humble opinion. First of all, Style A to Zee actually featured pics of the ladies from The City. Thumbs up to Elle for recognizing that it's a good show. And random facts--apparently Miss Olivia always travels with a fur poncho, which just sounds horrible to me.

Next of note to me was the Fashion Insider Designer Genius, where they interview a fashion designer, natch. This month was Thakoon Panichgul of Michelle Obama fame who gave the best answer for a standard question ever: "Who are you fantasty-dinner party guests? The Smurfs at a picnic in Smurf Village."

Pioneer fashion has been seen on the runways, which is good news for me I do love the plaid. I also love the Leslie Shersow antler necklace they featured (Laura, if you're ever down for some shoplifting, there's a store in Brooklyn).

A disturbing fashion trend is the incorporation of bones and skeletons, including ribcage necklaces, hand-like brooches, skull caps that look like skulls, cast bronze mink bone bangles, and leather toe-detail pumps.

I also learned that headbands with ponytails is a recommended look to rock, which is satisfying to me as it's been my go-to at work as of late (well, pigtails, I'm not quite pony-length yet). Also slick lids were seen on the runway and one make-up artisit suggests slapping some Aquaphor on there, which is good news for me as Aquaphor is a staple in our tattooing household (I have an appointment coming up!).

So, there you have it: Alison's report on March's Elle. Now if only my new Vogue would magically show up today, life would be good.

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Alli said...

It's funny cause I was think about posting a fashion related blog today but I'll wait as to not ride on your faux fur poncho coat tails.

I actually thought the toe shoes were interesting but slick eyelids...if only someone would say how awkward it feels to have things stick to your lids all day. It might look cool but it feels hella gross.