Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tell me more about the bunnies, shirtless hottie...

So those jerks at at ABC tried to mess with me by bumping back Lost to 1:30 A.M. Luckily Mick is so smrt (s-m-r-t) and figured out that the same episode would be on Saturday at 10:30. Quite a bit happened so let me catch you up. The flashbacks revolved around Sawyer and included TJ from The Gilmore Girls being quite un-TJ like which frankly just confused me. It also featured Sawyer emerging shirtless from the water when Kate was looking at his copy of "Watership Down" leading him to say, shirtless, with a devilish grin, "It's about bunnies." Never has the innocent phrase it's about bunnies made me want to tackle a shirtless fictional character in the water that much.

The odd moment was when Sayhid and Locke were discussing who possibly hit Sayhid over the head and Locke suggests it was Sawyer. Sayhid said that wasn't possible since Sawyer was 2 kilometers away setting a rocket flare fuse to which Locke immediately responded, "Anyone who waches television knows how improvise a slow fuse." I was baffled (moreso since I thought he said snow fuse and realized as I was about to type that "slow" made more sense). I watch hella tv and have no clue. Of course they've never covered this point on any MTV reality show or any show involving modeling in some capacity so that could explain it. He then went on to say, "Use a cigarette." What kind of tv shows is dude watching? Maybe it's ironic because so many people watch Lost and now WE all know! Now, if only I could get in a sitch where I need to set up a bottle rocket then be 2 kilometers away...F*ck! I quit smoking!

The cutest moment hands down--possibly the cutest moment on this show ever--is when Charlie begins his wooing of Claire and to convince her to move to the caves has to find a jar of peanut butter. So she wakes up from a nap to find him packing her things and he presents her with a jar of...empty. Then proceeds to pretend that it's actually full of peanut butter. It is the cutest thing, she gets all happy and starts to "eat" some peanut butter too. And then they move to the caves. And then they live happily ever after!*

*That, in fact, is a total lie. But I have a date to get pumpkin spice lattes with Kate now, so peace out suckas.

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Alli said...

Great. Once again I'm mourning Charlie....I love that peanut butter scene!