Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo ops

This picture shows why Barack Obama is a bad ass. I don't even care what he's saying, he just looks cool.

This picture is disappointing. With a name like El Tinklenberg I was expecting something awesome, like maybe a short guy wearing a cape and raising a fist in the air. Turns out he's an old white dude. At least with a cool name like that he's a democrat. He should have hired me to do his campaign ads. Best believe the cape would have come into play then.


Kate said...

pitter patter. Oh- that's my heart. Not baby's feets.

Kate said...

OK- I posted that comment before ol El popped his head up.

Speaking of Mr. Tinklenberg- I get to vote for him! Jealous?

Alison said...

Mick gets to vote for him too! Damn you Bateses!