Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What is this strange, pride-like feeling?

I haven't ever experienced this- it's like a joyful swelling of my heart. Forgive my ignorance but I am new here. I have never had the honor to vote for the president-elect of the US.

What a frackin' haul this was- but damn what a result. I am so excited to see what will happen with this leadership and I feel truly lucky to be here for this. Wow.

John McCain's concession speech (is that the right word? Like a concession stand?) was really good- he is pretty classy, my friends.

Sarah Palin's tears during McCain's speech- at first they were endearing and then just started to bug me. But I am not holding it against her.

Awaiting Franken/Coleman.

OOOH! Oprah and Steadman! GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!

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Alison said...

What I want to know is...where was Kanyeezie?