Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Lately I am obsessed with the old Public Enemy song, "Fight the power" (which Vanilla Ice apparently does a cover of on his new CD, which also includes "Baby Got Back," "Jump Around," and "Buffalo Soldier." Really, Ice? You like big butts and you cannot lie? The minute this cd hits the discount racks, which should be any minute now, I'm so there.). I was never a big Public Enemy fan, though I did appreciate them giving me the pointer that 911 is a joke. The last time I saw them was on Strange Love when Brigitte Neilsen came to one of their shows and all hell broke loose. (Poor Brigitte. Doesn't she realize she peaked with Rocky 4 and should just call it a day?) Anyway one of the reasons I am loving this song now is the following line: "Don't Worry Be Happy was a number one jam! Damn if I say that you can slap me right here!" I can't imagine Vanilla Ice doing that line justice. Me, I do a pretty good rendition. I may add it to my covers CD. Still working on the final line-up. I'll keep you posted.

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