Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My laptap buffers too much

So, the other day when I got to work my co-worker Emily said she had something she was going to tell me but could not think of what it was, and she couldn't remember, and then eventually I said hey, did you watch The City? and she said THAT was it! It's always good to have co-workers to discuss these things with since I spend half my waking life with them.

Leading into this week's sepisode, one thing I always wonder when watching these shows--they have to edit it in those long pauses to make it seem more awkward and dramatic, right? Like I picture the editors splicing in extra footage to make those long, drawn-out pauses. Only sometimes they just make them seem like their idiots rather then adding to the drama.

I really like Erin. She seems so down-to-earth. I sort of feel like in this show, she's become like Whitney was in Hills and Whitney is like Lauren--advice giver to advice givee. She's way better at Olivia then giving it. Apparently Olivia is under the impression she is Whitney's Yoda. Can a soliciate adopt a non-debutante? Had I have known this I would've looked up a deb in L.A. I loved her lecture to Whitney on the importance of being an independent woman; I couldn't help but notice several cuts to a random co-worker looking over her shoulder during it. I really wanted to hear what she was thinking. In my head, it was, Jesus Christ, Olivia, shut up. And this Nevan person is ridiculous.

Honestly, I'm glad to have this between seasons of The Hills, which was starting to irk me because as we've groused before as of late it's been about anybody but Lauren. What would really make my life is a split-show of the two, you know? Like half of each segment about Lauren in L.A. and the other half on the other coast about Whitney. I'm way over Heidi and Audrina. Is MTV hiring? I think they need my expertise...

In conclusion, Whitney's legs are sa-lammin'.

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